Changchun Third Party Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.
Changchun Third Party Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

SANBANG chemical is a collection of scientific research, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, with first-class chemical and pharmaceutical research and development team, including the advantages of research and development direction of photoelectric materials (OLED), PEG, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical and bioactive molecule products, Chinese products by Xi'an base can provide professional services to small amplification production the company, with two sets of automatic injection of HPLC, a preparation of HPLC equipment, effectively finished products of chiral separation and extraction, in order to ensure the quality and purity of each batch of products to meet customer requirements. In addition, noble metal catalysts, boric acid series and its derivatives, organic phosphorus ligands, Mof skeleton series, and it is also the advantage of the company's products.

Custom Chemicals

Company to receive custom synthesis services, technical staff are engaged in the synthesis of professional R & D experience for many years, to provide nuclear magnetic inspection report, as well as the product (HPLC, GC) test report. Commissioned synthesis services include: the design and verification of new compound structures, synthetic routes, and cost reduction through the optimization of the synthetic route and process. Advantages of product areas: organic photovoltaic materials, organic synthesis block, borate esters, chiral compounds, halide and heterocyclic series products, pharmaceutical active molecules, MOF skeleton ligand class, etc..


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